Family trip? Where to stay?

You’re coming to Oporto with your family? Do you have kids? Go2oporto have several options for a family stay. Many apartments that can be an excellent option for those who brings children!

Spacious apartments and some even fun for passing only days in this city by the river! We’ll give you just a taste of the space you have inside! Feel at home!

Too see more pictures, of the all flat enter the next image links! You can even make the reservation

Flores do BolhãoWith a great living room, huge hallways (good to run!) and a terrace to enjoy the sun!


Flores do Bolhão (1)A spacious living room and bedroom with three little balconies!


Flores do Bolhão (2)Great place to play! Inside a living room feat for kids who are energetic! Outside a great place to have fun or just relax!


Flores do Bolhão (3)This one is not the biggets but it’s one of my favorites for sure! A balcony where you can even see the river and have a glass of whine under the stars, a guitarre in the living room – with a good area! – and a wall where you can draw or write! Have fun!



Four places to have your kids playing around and be happy!

What to make a reservation? How about send us an email?, just tell us what you need. We even have some nice games for the kids, cribs, and other things you may need.

We’ll be waiting!


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