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Food in Porto – The Franchesina

Food, Glorious Food

As you’ve come to know, my type of travel is usually all about getting from one place to eat to the next. It’s all about connecting the dots, the restaurant dots.  I see some stuff.  I eat.  I see some more.  I stop at a café.  Food and travel, to me, are one and the same.  You can tell so much about a culture from its food – in fact I would say that food is culture to most people. And there is that age-old tradition of breaking bread with friends and family and also sharing and enjoying what you have with strangers, that seems to transcend any barrier or preconceived stereotype.  Food…its the great uniter.


Sharing a Meal in Porto

In Porto, I had the pleasure of having my first meal in the Guimarães home, the family I was staying with through airbnb. We had some tasty meat and potatoes and vegetables, but more than the food, it was yet again, wonderful to get to know some locals and chat about their lives, hopes, and dreams…and fútbol (soccer), of course.


Little Frenchie

Beyond all the local, tasty fish dishes and other portuguese delights, I was told I had to try this native sandwich known as the Francesinha which means something like “Little Frenchie.”


I Love Lunch

Now, I am always one for a good sandwich.  I love all the stuff you can put between 2 slices of carbs.  I love various spreads (hello garlic mayo, aka aioli, or pesto) and toppings (a la artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and of course, cheese). I love cold veggie and pasta and grain salads (quinoa being one of my latest faves).  In fact, lunch is usually my favorite meal of the day.


But, wow. This was a beast. This was sort of like a  croque-monsieur on steroids. We joke about some of our hideous double-burgers, or crazy fast-food sandwiches with 1000+ calories in the U.S., but I think this thing wins hands down for its over-the-top mound of meat dripping in gluttonous gooey cheese and sauce.  Got an extra napkin??

The Franchesina consists of layers of bread, ham,  fresh sausage, steak or roast ‘meat’ and covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce served with french fries. If you are wondering…I got through about one third of it.

All I can say is:  Don’t do it.  I suppose in theory it sounded possibly interesting. But in reality – yikes. This was too much of…everything.


By Lisa from World Tour

(We go around the web trying to find what travel bloggers say about our country, but especially about our city, Porto. This blog post is not a direct contribuition from the bloggers, but a way to share what they have said on their blogs. We thank you all for the words and photos that enrich our city love! All texts and photos are from the original Blog post)
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    Here you can see how to make a francesinha.

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      Obrigada pela dica!

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