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Porto – rich in color, history and yes, Port.

The tiles on the buildings drew me to them.

It may be the second largest city in Portugal and also second to Lisbon in terms of fame but Porto surely deserves equal billing for its beauty and culture and as an entrance way to the wonderful Douro valley.The city was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. It is reputed to be city from which Portugal got its name and is definitely the city from which Port wine got its name.For me it is the beautiful waterfront along the Douro river, the winding streets and the tiles on the houses and public buildings that make the city so amazing.

The São Bento Railway Station in Porto.

Here tiles and railings adorn an apartment.

The tiles on the house above.

View of a narrow side street. As I walked along this street there was opera music wafting out of an upper window. I wish I could have captured the whole feeling for you.

I love the drama of the buildings.

more tiles.

Restaurant along the waterfront.

Towards the bridge and the funicular.

The funicular up from the river to the city.


And along the Douro valley there are many opportunities to enjoy very fine Port.


By  from Solo Traveler Blog

(We go around the web trying to find what travel bloggers say about our country, but especially about our city, Porto. This blog post is not a direct contribuition from the bloggers, but a way to share what they have said on their blogs. We thank you all for the words and photos that enrich our city love! All texts and photos are from the original Blog post)
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