Yep. Port wine!

FUN FACT: For Harry Potter fanatics like me, Porto also served as major inspiration for the magical novels. Author, J.K. Rowling moved to Porto shortly after her mother’s death in the early 1990’s to work as an English teacher. It is here that she brought the still-growing manuscript for Harry Potter and wrote part of the first book. There is even a famous bookshop in Porto that inspired the library at Hogwarts.

For Harry Potter fans, wine lovers (and everyone in between) Porto is a beautiful city that shouldn’t be missed!

by  Kiersten from The Blond Abroad

(We go around the web trying to find what travel bloggers say about our country, but especially about our city, Porto. This blog post is not a direct contribuition from the bloggers, but a way to share what they have said on their blogs. We thank you all for the words and photos that enrich our city love! All texts and photos are from the original Blog post)