When it comes to European travel, there are certain places that are naturally more welcoming or easier for visitors, and this is particularly the case for female travelers.

Europe is a continent that is generally very safe with low levels of crime and a respectful attitude towards women, but naturally, this can be felt more strongly in some places than others.

Whether you are looking for a destination for a solo female trip, a trip with your girlfriends, or want somewhere that will be a relatively straightforward destination without too many hassles, here are my suggestions on ten European destinations for female travelers!


Blue Lagoon Iceland

The spectacular scenery of Iceland makes for an amazing destination, and when this is combined with a low crime rate and developed tourist infrastructure, it makes it a great place for female travelers.

A good range of day trips and attractions, such as the Blue Lagoon, glacier hiking and snorkeling at the Silfra Fissure mean you can either join organized trips or do things on your own!


Stockholm, Sweden

With great levels of equality and tolerance, all of Scandinavia is ideal for female travelers, but Sweden is among the best with stunning cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg.

In the north of the country, you can find stunning views of the Northern Lights or you can pay a visit to one of the many islands that make up Sweden’s archipelagos.


Porto, Portugal

There are plenty of historic attractions to be found in Portugal, along with some stunning beach destinations that are ideal for the sun and sand lover.

There is a wonderful cuisine throughout the country including great wine and food- especially in cities like Porto. Lisbon is also a top destination for girls looking for some retail therapy as it is home to a great range of independent fashion designers.


Driving the Amalfi Coast

Italy is a wonderful country that has a balance of thriving culture and cuisine along with a distinguished history, meaning that attractions range from exploring Rome by foot to driving the beautiful Amalfi Coast.

The country is welcoming and friendly (and even more so when you start to discover the excellent local wine and food!)


Bellevue Palace Bern

The mountainous country of Switzerland in Central Europe has long been a popular tourist destination. Female travelers have an array of destination choices in Switzerland, ranging from the cosmopolitan city of Geneva to the old town of Bern.

Plus, what girl doesn’t want to visit a country founded on cheese and chocolate?!



Guinness Storehouse

Most people will naturally think of whiskey, beer and a warm welcome offered by the Irish people, but it is a country that doesn’t have a shortage of great attractions too.

From the beautiful buildings and literary tradition of Dublin out to the craggy and rugged terrain on the west coast, this is a great country to explore that is generally very safe and friendly for female travelers.


Krka National Park

If you are looking to travel on a budget, Croatia is generally cheaper than many European countries, while still being a friendly and safe place to visit.

The wonderful coastline means there are plenty of beautiful beaches, along with great sailing. Croatia is also a region of gastronomy, so come hungry and indulge in fresh seafood, truffles, honey, wine and local olive oil!

The Netherlands

Amsterdam Sign

Famous for its low lying terrain and the great history of artists that come from the country, the Netherlands has a population that is welcoming of female travelers.

The flat terrain makes it great for outdoor sports such as cycling and hiking, while it is also worth making time to visit historic sites such as museums in the cities, and the traditional windmills in the countryside.


Greece Travel

With a superb series of islands and an extensive history including some of the world’s most iconic historical monuments, there is something for every female traveler in Greece.

The laid back culture is great for those who want to hang with locals, while the excellent fresh food is a highlight of any visit.


Ghent, Belgium

This charming country is one that has a wealth of history in its cities, and excellent transport connections with its neighboring countries, making it ideal to include as part of a longer itinerary.

Brussels is home to some wonderful architecture, the European parliament and major EDM festival Tomorrowland, while cities like Ghent and Brugge offer walks along romantic canals (complete with white swans)!

Sightseeing aside, Belgium is also famous for their chocolate, waffles, frites (Belgian French Fries) and beer!


by  Kiersten from The Blond Abroad

(We go around the web trying to find what travel bloggers say about our country, but especially about our city, Porto. This blog post is not a direct contribuition from the bloggers, but a way to share what they have said on their blogs. We thank you all for the words and photos that enrich our city love! All texts and photos are from the original Blog post)