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Casa da Arquitectura

What2do next? FREE ADMISSION TO THE EXHIBITIONS UNTIL 30 DECEMBER 2017! Casa da Arquitectura is a non-profit cultural entity established in 2007 in the city of Matosinhos, Portugal, where its headquarters are located. It was created with the aim of promoting architecture among society, a goal which attracted a large number of important institutions and municipalities that today are a part of its Board of Management: the City Hall of Matosinhos, the City Hall of Porto, the City Hall Of […]

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Museu FC Porto by BMG - A Invicta EN 1024x446
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Museu FC Porto by BMG

Alfa Draconis, Thuban or, very simply, Draco (Latin for Dragon). It is from the dominant star of the Draco constellation, a heaven above a notable collection of trophies that the concept and symbol of the FC Porto Museum by BMG came into life. Obviously blue, the star greets you at the entrance and accompanies you throughout the visit, as your guiding Pole star, like it used to be at pyramids and pharaohs’ period. Today, 4,800 years later, the Draco constellation […]

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