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6 Things you want to know about St Johns at Oporto

5. Chouriço

One way of guaranteeing that your food is served hot in Portugal is to order chouriço (sausage which is coloured and flavoured with red pepper) assado (spit-roasted) com aguardente (with spirit – as in alcohol, not ghosties).

Even if you’re not a fan of Portuguese sausages, you can easily be persuaded to share a chouriço assado. Not only is it fun to watch the flames licking around the sausage, but it means that the fat gets cooked and the flavour improves. I recommend you try it at least once if you’re visiting Portugal!

If you want to try this at home, you’ll need:

    1. As much chouriço as is necessary (although it’s already sliced in this photo, most people cook it whole)
    2. A disk to grill it in (if you haven’t got an authentic ceramic Portuguese dish, you can use any flame-proof dish and a rack)
    3. Aguardente (or cheap brandy if you can’t get Portuguese aguardente).
    4. A lighter or matches
    5. A long-handled fork in case you need to rescue or turn your chouriço
    6. A camera and admiring audience to make appropriate Ooooh!

Is your mouth watering? Now image to start with a chouriço, and then go to the sardines! Hummmm you really need some good whine to go with this!

We’ll give you some tips on this too!


Via Julie Dawn Fox | Photo: Sbs


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