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Casa da Arquitectura

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Casa da Arquitectura is a non-profit cultural entity established in 2007 in the city of Matosinhos, Portugal, where its headquarters are located.

It was created with the aim of promoting architecture among society, a goal which attracted a large number of important institutions and municipalities that today are a part of its Board of Management: the City Hall of Matosinhos, the City Hall of Porto, the City Hall Of Vila Nova de Gaia, the Portuguese Order of Architects, the Administration of the Ports of the Douro and Leixões and the Business Association of Porto.

With the strategic programme developed by the Executive Director, Nuno Sampaio, our activities span several different areas:


Casa da Arquitectura has under its care several early works of architect Álvaro Siza: the Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, the Piscina das Marés, Quinta da Conceição and Casa de Roberto Ivens
– presently its headquarters until now. Since 2009 we have had a regular visits’ programme to these works, which has already involved more than 15 thousand people.


In addition to its regular tours, Casa da Arquitectura, in partnership with Cultour, has been developing for the last five years a program of Itineraries for Contemporary Architecture

open to local audiences who are not directly related, either professionally or academically, to architecture. The authors of every work visited are always present in these itineraries, designed as they are to encourage the preservation of the architectural heritage. In total, 20 itineraries have already been carried out.


Every year since 2015, Casa da Arquitectura organises and manages the Open House Porto. It is one of the most festive and mobilizing moments for architecture and national heritage, involving dozens of spaces in the three cities of Matosinhos, Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. Open House Porto has the unprecedented feature of being the only such initiative in the world running in more than one city at the same time.


Casa da Arquitectura is assembling a national Archive of Architecture made up by a collection of drawings, studies, projects, models, books and works that are representative of the Portuguese architectural production, cross-cutting and intergenerational.


1 – First Collection from the Archives: 25 years of Democracy in Portugal, 1974 to 1999
Among the most important projects underway in Casa da Arquitectura

— Centro Português de Arquitectura (Portuguese Centre of Architecture)
is the creation of its own repository of projects, documents and bibliography, aimed at protecting, safeguarding and promoting the archive collections of Portuguese architects and architecture, in particular those of the 20th (and 21st) century. This double collection will include roughly “200 reference projects”, and it will be accompanied

by another collection of periodicals and catalogs of the same period, concerning architectural magazines and exhibition catalogs.

2 – Brazilian Architecture Collection 

With the intention of expanding and diversifying its collection, Casa da Arquitectura is creating the Brazilian Architecture Collection, an initiative unprecedented in Portugal and Brazil. The collection will feature a group of original models and designs of selected projects that will make up a significant panorama of modern and contemporary production in Brazilian architecture. Most of the collection will be devoted to Brazilian architecture’s contemporary phase, which covers the period from the 1980s to the present day.

From November 17 to 19, Casa da Arquitectura officially opens the doors of its new premises in Matosinhos, Porto. The new space occupies part of the block of the Real Vinícola, a group of buildings restored by the Municipality of Matosinhos with a project by the architect Guilherme Machado Vaz, with an area of about 5 thousand m2. It is here that, during three days, an intense program of exhibitions, performances, debates, guided tours, films, music
and activities for children and families will all involve everyone in a great celebration of architecture.

Casa da Arquitectura is the only non- profit cultural entity in the national territory exclusively dedicated to Architecture by bringing together,

in a single space, an archive and an exhibition area. Its archives currently include over 500 models, panels, drawings, serigraphs, DVDs, books and other materials of the collections and estates of several architects, including Álvaro Siza, João Álvaro Rocha, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Fernando Távora and Souto de Moura, among others. A small part of Souto Moura’s vast collection in Casa’s care will be available to visit in the Archive during the opening days.




Tuesday to Friday 10H00 – 18H00
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 10H00 – 19H00




Tuesday to Friday 10H00 – 19H00
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 10H00 – 20H00

Closed 24 and 31 December. Holidays on 25 December, 1 January and 1 May.



Main Exhibition + Casa’s Gallery | 5€ 

Casa’s Gallery | 2€ 

FREE ADMISSION Under 12-years- old; CA Associates / Sunday morning (10h00-13h00)

Valid offers upon presentation of an identification document.

50%DISCOUNT Students
Seniors (65 years and over)


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