Eneida Marta

Presentation Concert “Nha Sunhu”


28 MAY 2015 | Thursday 21:30 | Sala 2 | 20€

Eneida Marta Juvenal Cabral (Tabanka Jazz) Ibrahim Magalissa Cyro Bertinni Tony Bat

If you listen carefully to the beginning of Nha Sunhu, and to the voice singing “Ó África, ó tabanka, ó povo”, you will realize that Eneida Marta is a special artist, that her soul is unusually intense and that her characteristic timbre can balance regret and hope in the same word, in the same breath. This Guinean singer was born in Bissau 42 years ago and has been building her singular and distinctive career through various stages all over the world. Her new album is a selection of works by some of the most prominent Guinean poets and the melodies are based on the very identity of Guinea, in a unique sound that has some of the classic names of Guinean music, such as José Carlos Shewarz, Ernesto Dabo or Zé Manel, as undeniable references.


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