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7 JUN 2015 | Sunday 22:00 | Sala Suggia at Casa da Música | Price: 1ª Plateia – 25,00€ , 2ª Plateia – 22,50€

The musical tradition of South Africa is very strong. The anti-apartheid struggle was largely fought through music and the people of South Africa were always fully aware that a song can help the world. That is why projects such as the Exaltation could only come from the country of Nelson Mandela.

Long before the end of the apartheid system, was born in the late 70s, in Johannesburg, Arthur Brown established a community project, a choir thought of as activities to keep children safe, off the streets. Later, Pastor Andre Coetzer, evangelist, became interested in the project, involved body and soul and orchestrated a merger that chorus with a community profile orchestra. And collective Exaltation born in 1983.

In 2004, for example, the collective Exaltation was invited to perform at the world premiere of the film Mandela Portrait, thus offering their music to a wide range of dignitaries.

The long journey of Exaltation collective journey culminated in 2011 with the release of a debut CD, an important milestone in the group’s life and something that helped them focus even more on what they describe as its mission: “to bring their experience and endurance testimony and share it all with the youth of South Africa and the rest of the world”.

Exaltation shows are always unique moments of total commitment, spirituality, joy and communion. The music actually serves a higher purpose and unity of values ​​and peace. The Exaltation want to inspire people, children and adults, anonymous and leaders. And they want to do it with the strength of songs that have already changed a country and can help transform the world.


Via Casa da Música
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