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33 concerts with Casa da Música (House of Music)

The favorite spaces for these events will be the stage of Super Bock, which opens with the concert of “Small Trio”, on June 5 th and the terrace of the House of Music (HoM) which opens the day before with the Music Club EB 2/3 Perafita.

By the stage Super Bock will pass 17 concerts. António Mão de Ferro, Demian Cabaud, Los waves, Yo Yo Borobia e Vinicius Sarmento, Filho da Mãe, Da Chick e Nuno Prata are some of the names that make up this segment.

The terrace of the HoM will have eight concerts, vocational schools of music will preferably take the stage: Music School of Valentim de Carvalho; JAHAS; Superior School of Music and Arts of Entertainment and Music Academy of Costa Cabral.

To celebrate the night of St. John, the CdM gets two free entrance concerts. In Suggia room, at 22 hours there will be the Portuguese Symphonic Band and an hour later on the Stage Super RocK, the PZ concert.

In the summer program, the Symphony Orchestra of the House of Music Porto is the one highlighted with 11 concerts scheduled. The repertoire is very diverse. On June 13, the musicians will be on Wilhelmina Square. Suggia in Matosinhos, with Gregory Porter and it will end with a free concert at Avenida dos Aliados on September 5th, with an Iberian program that includes Freitas Branco, Bizet and Manuel de Falla.


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