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Museu FC Porto by BMG

Alfa Draconis, Thuban or, very simply, Draco (Latin for Dragon). It is from the dominant star of the Draco constellation, a heaven above a notable collection of trophies that the concept and symbol of the FC Porto Museum by BMG came into life. Obviously blue, the star greets you at the entrance and accompanies you throughout the visit, as your guiding Pole star, like it used to be at pyramids and pharaohs’ period.

Today, 4,800 years later, the Draco constellation has earned the triple function of evoking the liberating historical episodes that inspire FC Porto; encapsulating in one image all of the stars that have donned the blue and white jersey; and serving as a reference and guide for future victories. At Dragão Stadium, the FC Porto Museum by BMG provides to the Draco Constellation its rightful place, giving it a celestial ceiling that dominates and illuminates a special and unique collection. In Portugal, this museum is uncomparable, distinguished by its vast collection of trophies and record number of exclusive objects.

Only here you will find such world acclaimed and desired objects as the Intercontinental Cup, the UEFA Cup and the European Super Cup. Not to mention three trophies from the more recent National Championship and the brand new Portuguese Super Cup. From origins to eternity, the trip at the Museum is touched by three centuries and you can do it beyond time and space, with a guaranteed emotional dimension by odd episodes of an unique story.

From affirmation saga to victories on an unequal environment, from founder to the most titled football president in the world, overcoming episodes are frequent. To know them all, you just need to follow the stars.

Photo and info via FC Porto

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