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Porto New Year’s Eve 2017

In Porto the New Year’s Eve is celebrated in several locations in the city. Thousands of tourists arrive at Porto on December 31 to participate in the street parties and other special programs. The NYE party at Avenida dos Aliados in front of the City Hall is considered as the largest party in Porto on the occasion of the NYE. Thousands of people gather at Aliados on the NYE and there will be various entertainment programs including music concert and fireworks display. Those who are in Porto on the NYE have different options to enjoy the night of December 31.

Apart from the party at Aliados, one can spent the night on board one of the cruise ships on the Douro River. The nightclubs in Porto also organize exciting New Year Eve parties.  In each place, the festivities are of different styles. Those who want to spend the NYE in the company of family or friends can choose the best options for them.


Apart from visiting the major landmarks, those who celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Porto also get the opportunity to explore the history of the place, meet and interact with local people and taste the various traditional cuisines that are highly delicious. They can also visit the iconic landmarks of the city. Those who plan to visit Porto on this occasion may book their hotel rooms in advance so as to avoid last minute setbacks. Porto is now one of the most popular destinations for celebration of NYE. The tourists are offered diverse activities in the city. On the New Year’s Eve, the tourists visit almost all the iconic landmarks in the city. Those who are on board the river cruise can enjoy spectacular views of the various iconic buildings. They can also visit the fairs that are near to the river and also try the very famous “francesinha” in one of the restaurants.


At 12 O’ Clock, midnight on December 31, the skies in Porto is lighted magnificently by the spectacular display of fireworks. The display of fireworks in Porto on the NYE is considered as one of the largest fireworks display the world over. The colorful display symbolizes the hope for the year ahead. Immediately after Christmas, the people in Porto start preparations for the NYE celebration. They buy special dresses of the latest fashion for the NYE party and either choose the venue for the New Year Eve party or arrange their own party.  One has innumerable choices for selection of New Year Eve party. There is a party for each budget and each one’s taste. The fireworks will be going on at several locations in the city at the same time. Though the fireworks are launched from different locations in the city all of them can be spotted from anywhere. Live music will be there at all the venues.

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