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Sassetti Jazz

28 JUN 2015 | Domingo | 21:00 | Sala Suggia – Casa da Música | 15€

João Paulo Esteves da Silva and Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra with arrangements of Bernardo Sassetti, Carlos Azevedo, Filipe Melo, Daniel BernardesandIuri Gaspar.

Because of images and movies, Bernardo Sassetti’s music has gradually become a succession of notes that happened to silence, above silence, regarding silence. One after another, his compositions were created with an extreme sensitivity, as if they were inclined to be nothing. But nothing is, of course, a mistake. Because the nothing accentuates everything: every note is enlarged, expanded and stranded. Beauty lies in fragility and exposure, in that courage to come forward, naked and raw, to let itself be heard next to the vast penumbra we call silence.

It is in this repertoire that we find the themes performed solo by João Paulo Esteves da Silva, collected from the albums Motion, Ascent andIndigo. In this anniversary night, we will also hear Pescaria, his only composition for big band, which will unite João Paulo Esteves da Silva and Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos. Afterwards, arrangers Carlos Azevedo, Filipe Melo, Daniel Bernardes and Yuri Gaspar will direct the orchestra.

The mission of Casa Bernardo Sassetti is to rage against the silence and spread this music as much as possible, because, in reality, the silence is only truly beautiful when we are surrounded by lots of people.


Promoter: Casa Bernardo Sassetti | Berbardo Sassetti: Lisboa 24 Junho 1970 / Cascais, 10 Maio 2012


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