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8 years of Go2oporto

8 years of Go2oporto – Let’s celebrate!

8 is the atomic number for oxygen;

It’s the mathematical symbol for infinity;

It’s the symbol of harmony and balance;

Symbolizes the ability to make decisions;

It’s a Lucky Number in China

In the Tarot, 8 is the card for Justice/Strength/Determination

And in the Bible represents a new beginning …

It takes only 8 minutes for the sun’s light to reach the earth but Go2oporto has been your home away from home for the last 8 years!


This year and in 2018 (yes, the 8th again!) we will be celebrating!

1. Events

2. New apartments

3. New partners and experiences

4. New photos

5. Institutional video

6. Contests trough social networks (facebook and instagram) – stay tunned!

7. Discover Go2oporto team

8. Discounts




Go2oporto was born 8 years ago to bring you the comfort and the charm of historic Porto.

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to live like a local, in an intimate atmosphere, rich in historic buildings that offers high standards of comfort and functionality, which, in many of them, the river paints the window.

Our apartments aim to address your accommodation needs, whether you are an executive in business, whether you are traveling with your better half or even if you are with family exploring the city. You will find the ideal places to live in the present all the history that characterizes our city.

For this, we will give you a warm welcome in cozy spaces, with a family and personal atmosphere, located in places where you can live wonderful visual, culinary and cultural experiences. We combine the modern amenities, with the perfect harmony of comfort and culture that Porto has to offer.

You decide what kind of apartment fits your needs, budget and the services that best complement your stay, which can go from a simple breakfast, to the rental of a vehicle, to tickets reservation for a Douro tour, a musique festival or a theatre show. We can help you plan your stay, and we’ll be here since your arrival until you leave!

Go2oporto it’s not just an apartment rental company. It’s a dedicated and experienced property concierge team with a strong commitment to guarantee all the support you need for a pleasant stay. Find and rent your dream apartment in just a few clicks!

For rentals owners

Go2oporto is a proactive property management.
We offer an entirely new term rental experience in the city of Porto: efficient and stress-free! Our goal is to give an answer to the growing search for touristic offer in the city and it is built on the various years of experience of business partners in the tourist rental market. Our purpose is also to maximize the customer income, promoting tourism and managing his property.

Providing a independent service and raising the bar in customer experience, we’ve built an incredibly strong team to support your property throughout all stages.

A Dedicated Property Concierge Team
Our team is the primary point of contact with tourist from the vacation prospect stage to the visit to Porto. Our aim is to establish personal contact with all prospects, provide a summary of the benefits of your apartment, gather good feedback after their stay, and garantee the integral management of your property.

We offer an overall management service for touristic rental apartments in the city of Porto. Experience renting the way it should be in the 21st century…work with Go2oporto!

Let’s celebrate!

go2oporto anniversary




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