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The ocean is the Limit!

The ocean is the Limit…with go2oporto partners!



We offer the possibility of doing an exclusive and tailor-made cruise. So you can choose the boat, where you would like to stop and places to visit with an attentive crew to your every desire!

Based in Douro Marina, FeelDouro enjoys a privileged location in the mouth of the River Douro. Thus, our clients sail away to the discovery of the riverside “Ribeira” and the mythical historical centre of Porto, almost with a “vacation taste”! This is one of the starting points for a cruise in the Douro, with its 210 navigable kms and considerate by many as the most beautiful river in Europe! And those who seek to know the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, may also start from Pinhão!

Therefore we can guarantee the coverage of the river in all its extension: from the mythical Foz to the border hamlet of Barca D’Alva.

Apart from our numerous cruises, we also provide tailor-made cruises and boat rides. Thus, we’ll gladly help you design your program, so you can enjoy the most of your Douro experience!

With capacity for 12 to 16 passengers, our boats offer all the comfort and the possibility of sleeping on board, up to 4 or 6 people. If you prefer, let yourself be guided on a journey up the Douro, docking on one of the many landmark hotels/wineries along the river. A real journey through the senses in which the common denominator is the Douro.

In the company of FeelDouro, you may find this entire scenario and its most picturesque corners, while enjoying various programs and services such as showcooking aboard.

Our porpoise is to provide differentiated experiences, tailored to the desires of each customer, offering our crewed boats to groups, friends, families and companies for tours and trips on the River Douro. From 2h drives up to 7 day-cruisesTawnyRoséVintageWhite and Ruby, are the best way to discover the Douro region and its historical, cultural and landscape landmarks.

Yatch Charters

Special condiment: FREEDOM … to command the boat, set the itinerary and navigate freely on the waters of the River Douro. Sail away to discover this region at your own pace!


The concept is simple: combining the relaxation of sailing the north of Portugal with the thrill and excitement of kitesurfing/SUP and exploration. All this while living on-board a catamaran for one week!


 feel1 feel2


Oporto Adventure Tours represents everything we love: nature, the Gerês National Park, Land Rovers, adventure, travels and travelers stories!

 – Pick Up at Accommodation or Oporto Airport:

Discover by 4×4 the most secret trails and unknown places in Gerês.

– Hiking & Wild Swimming in Waterfalls & Lagoons:

Enjoy a day without worries of any kind! Feel the power of the living nature of Gerês.

– Lunch Traditional Portuguese Food:

Appreciate the quality of local food & wine in a local panoramic restaurant.

 – Hiking & Swimming in Blue Well:

Breath and relax in the wild nature.

– Viewpoint Pedra Bela:

See one of the most beautiful landscapes in Portugal.

– Drop Off at Accommodation or Oporto Airport




Douro à Vela intends to provide experiences and moments of intimacy with nature. On board the “Libertu’s” sailboat, travel emotionally to the times when the rabel boats moved through the Sails. Feel like a sailor, in an intense relationship with the cultural harmony of the Douro Valley.

douro2 douro1


Six Bridges Cruise

Passengers that wish to take the Cruise of the Six Bridges gather at the Estiva wharf.

Besides rich and spectacular scenery, during this cruise we will admire the six bridges that connect Porto and V.N. de Gaia. After leaving the Estiva wharf we begin to observe the “Ribeira” – riverside area, the D. Luís Bridge, the Serra do Pilar Monastery, the Infante Bridge, the D. Maria Pia Bridge, the S. João Bridge and the Freixo Bridge.

Once we reach the S. João Bridge, we turn back in order to admire the stunning city of Porto, World Heritage. Once we have passed the D. Luís Bridge, we navigate a little further, towards the ocean, in order to see the Arrábida Bridge. Here we cannot help but stop and admire beautiful Afurada, a fishermen’s village. At this point, we can calmly observe the harbour entrance, the striking beauty of the river and sea that join together and interlace as something that is part of one life only.

Duration:  50 minutes

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